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SMX (Search Marketing Expo)


For whom is the SMX

The SMX (Search Marketing Expo) is one of the key conferences for search engine marketing in Europe. The name SMX is derived from SEO + SEA = SMX . Exactly the online marketing disciplines that have been part of seonative’s core competencies for many years. That’s why we were chosen this time as a blog partner.

The conference series was launched by Third Door Media Inc. The smx advanced 2017 was held on October 2017 in New York, the high society of online marketing gathered and gave valuable lectures on SEO & Co – our team at traffic max is right in the middle!


For whom is the SMX unsuitable?

Basically, the SMX is not only aimed at professionals from the SEA and SEO, but has for newcomers in the areas extra the “Boot Camp” track on the first day of the conference. Nevertheless, one has to be aware of three things: Completely without prior knowledge, a conference often confuses more than it educates. Anyone who has never worked with the most basic tools will already fail because of the vocabulary and the usual usage of the speakers.

If you identify keywords that you want to strengthen from the dataset, it is important to look at the corresponding SERP and identify a keyword difficulty. For this one can classify the SERPs by the occurrence of the corresponding elements. Dan will then show how he builds outreach campaigns based on the data he evaluates. For this he has collected further information on the selected topics through surveys.

As a result, suitable landing pages are set up and promoted through targeted campaigns. In doing so, he targets journalists who are relevant to the topic and the region. He cuts the corresponding campaigns very precisely to a few people. Although only a few hundred journalists are reached, but this received impulses for a new article.

Furthermore, the ticket prices (despite the SMX discount) are an investment worthwhile for the conference participant. In our experience, the SEO conferences are all very high quality, and for us, the visits were worthwhile in the daily work. However, those who are not actively involved in SEA and SEO should think carefully about whether the benefits correspond to the costs.

Third, more than half of the lectures are in English, without subtitles. This should not be a problem for someone who works in online marketing, but from our experience, we point out that school English cannot keep up with English in everyday business.

Basically, there are of course the topics SEO and SEA, which are covered with lectures for beginners and advanced. In addition, there are also the subject areas “Analytics & Data”, “Technology” (technical SEO), “Brands & Agencies” and “Mobile & Local”.

The workshops will focus on Google Adwords , SEO , Google Analytics, Link Building and Mobile SEO .


At this point we will not dissect the complete program – it’s just too bulky.

However, we have (quite subjectively) put together a selection of lectures for various target groups that we find interesting. And in which you might also find us. In addition to these suggestions, there are many other interesting lectures that do not exactly match SEO or SEA, but give promising views outside the box.


How to get the SMX discount for the tickets?

By clicking on the desired ticket, the purchase process is started, and in the second point “registration” you can enter the discount code. This saves 15% on all tickets purchased before the event.

In addition to the tickets listed in the table, there are some special tickets that are less attractive, but should be mentioned for the sake of completeness:

• SMX + Linkbuilding Workshop sponsored by LinkResearchTools Kombi Pass
• SMX + International Search Summit Kombi Pass
• SMX EXPO + Pass
• International Search Summit (ISS) Pass
• Linkbuilding Workshop sponsored by LinkResearchTools
• Evening event: SMX After Dark
• Evening Event: SEMY Awards

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