Spreading Divinity Globally | 2014 Social Media Advertising Statistics
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2014 Social Media Advertising Statistics

2014 Social Media Advertising Statistics

Socialbakers conducted a social media pulse check in a number of countries and industries to find out what marketers are focusing on, and more importantly, what they are not. 2014 social media advertising statistics show that about 86% of the competitive social analysis are greatly affected by this changing economy, but only 1/3 uses paid tools to perform this analysis! This means that nearly 70% of marketers are unwilling to place their money where they have their mouths. Marketers who blindly fly without the support of benchmarking data have a major disadvantage.

When setting and achieving relevant KPIs, it’s important to know what your social competitors are doing and how your brand compares them. Free analysis tools have a place in marketing, but not for those who want a real competitive advantage. About 62% say customer acquisition through social marketing is a “very important” goal for 2014, but only 29% say the same about looking after customers. When brands mature in social media, so does their goals.  Social media goes nowhere and companies now realize that their online presence in social media is the foundation of their overall marketing strategy in reaching out to their potential customers and participants.

This infographic provides a great insight into the industry, the medium, and the social channel as companies use social media to connect with consumers. Both small and large companies recognize the impact of social media influences on public opinion.<a href=”https://smartific.com/smartshop/” style=”color:#777777″>Smartshop</a> No wonder companies are looking for these influencers on various social media sites and sending them free product samples to have them checked. In the following infographic, “Social Media Companies – Statistics and Trends,” shows that various statistics and trends that illustrate how companies use social media to drive business growth will be in adverse line due to the growing society and economy. This show that in the coming years the results will be drastic based on the statistics.

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