Spreading Divinity Globally | 5 Ways to turn church attendees into members
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5 Ways to turn church attendees into members

5 Ways to turn church attendees into members

In order for any church to grow there has to be a desire to reach out to attendees. The following highlights various ways that this can be done in order to turn church attendees into church members.

Acknowledge visitors

A ton of people are interested in coming back to a church when they are acknowledged as visitors from their initial visit. Once people go to a church and get acknowledged by guests it becomes easier for them to start a conversation with others that are regular members. It is good to be able to sort out the visitors because this gives the congregation a chance to communicate with them and ask them how they like the service. This also can start conversations about if they are actually looking for a church home or if they are just visiting from out of town. These are the things that start conversations that can lead to growth in the church.

Connect with visitors

The congregation has the responsibility of connecting with the visitors that are coming into the church. It does not fall squarely on the pastor alone. There needs to be an opportunity for people to communicate with visitors if they are interested in helping the church see growth. Anyone that is coming to a church for the first time will typically stay off to themselves unless they are embraced by other members that are part of the congregation.

Implement Feedback

It is perfectly fine to ask the visitors if they enjoyed the service. This is always a good thing to do because it makes sense to connect with someone that is interested in getting to know more about the church. If you never really take the time to see if the visitors enjoy service it will be difficult to get a true grasp on how they feel about the church. There are some people that are visiting a church, and they want to give feedback to someone that is in the congregation. Attendees like to
express their thoughts on things. They want to tell how much they enjoyed the experience. It is good to get a handle on this because it gives you the chance to know about the things that the visitors enjoy as well as some things that they may not be to their liking. Even if this member does not join they still are able to contribute to the growth of the church by giving you feedback about the service.

Relational connections

Another thing that you have to do is consider the common ground that you may have between someone else that is attending the church. This is always a good way to connect with others that may be considering joining. If you have the same alumni experience this may be a great ice-breaker. If you went to the same high school or like some of the same restaurants in the city it may be easy to start conversations.

When you are breaking ground as a friend it becomes easier for people to look forward to coming back to the church next week. Sometimes visitors tend to join churches where they are made to feel welcome. When they believe that they are building friendships it becomes easier for them to consider the benefits of joining the church.

Outreach and Target marketing

A lot of visitors are going to come to the church, but this is not going to be the only way to gain the attention of people that are serious about getting to know God. In many instances it is going to take outreach and target marketing to help the church grow. This is evident because there are tons of people that actually believe in Christ, but they do not have any desire to go to church. There are some people that may have attended church regularly and became disgruntled with the way that things were unfolding in their Church.

The outreach ministry must be strong in order to grow the church because some people will never take the time to even consider visiting unless someone gets their attention. It is important to have target marketing in place to help get people become interested in the church.

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