Spreading Divinity Globally | SMX East New York 2014
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SMX East New York 2014

SMX East New York 2014

During the three-day long SMX East New York 2014 conference, many things were discussed such as the future of SEO, the future of content creation, and the future of link building just to name a few. The event is geared towards digital marketers and dedicated search marketers and completely committed to search marketing and how search fits into the whole marketing scene.

There were many different things happening at the SMX East New York 2014 conference from sessions of varied topics to a list of speakers too long to name them all. Search engine representatives met industry leaders to discuss some of the biggest trends in the world of search. Those discussions involved trends that were being noticed now and predicted for the future, whether they were paid searches or naturally occurring sources. The future of all the biggies was a topic of conversation that flowed throughout the convention. When discussing the future of SEO there was a lot of talk about Google and what they may do in the future. The popular conclusion seems to be that since Google is still constantly updating, testing and adjusting they aren’t trying to kill SEO. Google is constantly evolving and learning and producing better results.

The future of content creation and also the future of link building will both depend more on quality than quantity. With Google able to produce better results there will be much less need to practice the same techniques in the use of keywords or link building. Instead of devoting many pages of your site to the same topic said in different ways with different words, it’s now better to create real quality content with the strongest words flowing through it. It’s pretty much the same concept for links, they will come through the use of your work.

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